Grey tiles: bridging the gap between tradition and trend

May 5, 2024

For centuries, grey tiles have been embellishing our interiors, transforming them into a place where life is good. Witness to history and a symbol of sustainability, they are now being reinvented to suit the latest trends. How do you reconcile tradition and modernity with grey tiles? That's what we're going to tell you in this article.

Grey tiles: a timeless heritage

Used since ancient times, grey tiles draw their essence from earth and stone. An ancestral material, their presence in old buildings bears witness to their resistance to the test of time. Symbols of strength and stability, they inspire confidence and serenity.

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Over the centuries, grey tile manufacturing techniques have evolved, leading to a wave of refinements in this material. As a result, their strength, variety and aesthetic appeal have all improved.

What's more, the grey tiles available on this website can be used to cover floors, walls, splashbacks, showers and even worktops.  It is also an environmentally-friendly material, as it is made from natural and recyclable materials, making it an environmentally-friendly choice for construction and renovation.

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Using grey tiles in traditional spaces

When renovating old houses, the use of grey tiles can bring a touch of freshness while respecting the historic character of the property. Grey tiles can be used in kitchens and bathrooms to replace ageing materials while preserving the traditional aesthetic. They offer a contemporary and sustainable solution while maintaining the architectural integrity of the home.

When it comes to traditional spaces such as cottages or country houses, grey tiles can be used in subtle ways to complement the warm, rustic atmosphere. 

Grey tiles: a resolutely modern material

Far from being stuck in the past, today's grey tiles come in an infinite range of formats, textures and colours. From anthracite grey to light grey, through bluish or greenish shades, there's a shade to suit every style and every taste. 

Integrated into contemporary interiors, they create a minimalist, uncluttered ambience, perfect for highlighting furniture and decorative objects.

Bridging the gap: finding the perfect balance

The key to successfully decorating with grey tiles lies in finding a subtle balance between tradition and modernity. Choosing the style that suits you is essential. 

For a classic look, choose standard-size tiles and a traditional laying technique. If you prefer a more modern style, don't hesitate to play with shapes, textures and patterns. 

Harmony with the existing environment is also important. Make sure you respect the architecture and ambience of the setting to ensure successful integration. Don't hesitate to add a touch of originality with accessories and bold decoration.


A genuine decorative material, grey tile offers a multitude of possibilities for bridging the gap between tradition and fashion. Its durability, variety and flexibility make it an ideal choice for anyone looking for an elegant, timeless and resolutely modern covering. Feel free to browse the different options and give free rein to your creativity to create an interior that reflects your image.