Sport: how is AI shaking things up ?

March 22, 2024

The world of sport is currently experiencing many changes since the appearance of artificial intelligence (AI). Sports exercises are no longer done in the same way. In reality, several tools powered by AI offer many facilities to athletes and simple sportspeople. This article describes to you how they are moving the lines in the sporting world.

Analysis of athlete performances

During sporting activities, many parameters of the human body change. These are data that can today be processed by artificial intelligence and used for various purposes. You can go to for more information on the subject. Today, connected watches are proliferating on the market. These are most often associated with tools based on artificial intelligence. They make it possible to track a multitude of data, whether:

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  • The covered distance ;
  • Heart rate ;
  • Speed ​​;
  • The power ;
  • Endurance ;
  • SPO2, etc.

These artificial intelligences also have the ability to analyze all athlete performance data. This helps them determine the strengths and weaknesses of users. Based on this information, they can contribute to improving the performance of athletes. They also proceed methodically, inviting the user to keep a certain rhythm according to their performance. Some tools can even remind athletes when it's time to exercise.

There are also connected insoles that are equipped with intelligent sensors that can track athletes' movements in real time and provide information on their technique, but also their efficiency.

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Personalized training

After tracking users, artificial intelligence tools can also offer specific training programs to them. These are in fact programs adapted to their profile and their sporting abilities. They also take into account their objectives, but also the needs of each person to define the exercises that are most appropriate for them. The psychology, performance and physiology of athletes are also considered. That said, the exercises proposed are done in such a way as to maintain the athletes' determination over time and to lead them to their results.

Determination and prevention of injury risks

Intelligence doesn’t just analyze the performance of its users. These tools can in fact follow each of the movements made by their users. These are movements that they can analyze to draw conclusions, especially regarding future injury risks. By analyzing millions of data points, AI has the ability to detect anomalies that could indicate a risk of injury. Based on this information, the tool can also suggest preventive measures to maintain users' health over time.

Artificial intelligence for health monitoring

AI is a faithful companion for maintaining health. The tools that use it in the field of sport have the capacity to monitor a set of data relating to the health of users. They can therefore detect signs of fatigue or overwork and advise rest when necessary. By analyzing physiological data like heart rate and heart rate variability, AI can alert athletes and coaches when there is a need to rest or modify training.

In general, artificial intelligence offers many opportunities for athletes. But, it also has some limitations that must be taken into consideration for judicious use. The various tools offered online are above all very expensive. Their use also poses ethical problems and as they are new, some athletes do not always know how to use them.